Saturday, 29 September 2012

Raindrops : Something Non-technological.

Someone told me that day "Life is a flashback".I heard it,nodded and looked through the windows of the train. What did he mean?Twelve seconds was all i could spare thinking his words until a dashing girl's thought came and diverted my mind.

01.36 am:
Had a glass of water and went to bed after a long tiring journey.The moment i closed my eyes i realized the next morning won't be same as usual.The Alarm won't ring tomorrow.There will be no fight for bathroom or rush for the bus."No College Tomorrow" was all my lips could say.Now it was time for those words of that anonymous person to reserve a confirmed seat in my mind.The craziest part of human behavior is that when emotional situations arrive,it brings similar songs in mind too as if they were already tuned in the brain's music player.No song other than "yaadein yaad aati hain....." could have been best for that situation and it came in my lips even faster than the memories arriving in my mind.Only an engineering student has the capability to remember eight sems in eight minutes.Those eight minutes gave me snapshots of all bitter and better memories i had in my college life.Sound of shower gave an exactly demanded background music on that rainy night.

The great battle between my sleep and memories had begun and i wondered which would win the race.Sleep with 8 hours journey in its team was strong but not strong enough as memories with my friends,my blank notebooks,my tours and most importantly my deck of cards in its team.I gave an advantage to sleep by turning off the night bulb but that wasn't a good move as darkness can defeat eyes not heart.My heart was somewhat 400 kms away from me in my hostels room which was now empty probably with no cell phones ringing, with no one shouting drunk,with no one playing the famous 29.It would be full again soon with new flowers arriving and the wall which read " sunny's palace" would be edited or deleted soon.

I realized i had slept for a while lost in thought but the final battle was not over.I was curious to know whether it was still raining or not.My hands with drops of water in it proved it was still raining as i checked it through the window.I don't remember what was there in my mind at that moment otherwise i would have written it too.What i remember only is suddenly a car crossed by the road with an unconventional horn and i came back to the world.It was half past four in the morning.
I rushed to bed and tried to sleep but memories stole my sleep.The room,it was not a room rather it was my home,where i had spent my entire childhood seemed so unknown to me.All i needed  was my dirty room with laptop,books and all possible accessories on my bed where i used to fight with  my things to make some place for me to sleep.I needed that fight again.This win of comfortable bed was not what i wanted.Tears finally came showing a bit of shower inside too.

"aaj tu pehle nahane jaa"
These were the words which came out of my mouth with a ray of sunshine falling on my half open eyes through the window.I didn't knew the winner of the battle that night but these words prove memories the winner although i had slept finally.Looking through the window i could just edit those words of that man "Life is a flashback.....still move on...."

about the author:

My Photo SUNNY.

He just want to be one of the sweetest memory of every person he meet.....when they just remember him for a second a smile for him arrives......"winning hearts is more important than winning awards" is what he thinks....
He is from asansol doing engineering.
Contents from his blog: with his permission:):)

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